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Solar PV 

Solar PV takes energy from the sun and turns it into electricity. 
It is a relatively cheap source of electricity. However, the supply chain - particularly the mining of the raw materials - is far from perfect. 


Wind turbines take energy from the wind and turn it into electricity. 
The wind is strongest in winter, which matches quite well with heating demands. It tends not to work well in areas with lots of trees or buildings. It is the cheapest large scale source of electricity. 

District Heating 

District Heating can take energy from any heat source and deliver it to buildings where the heat is needed. 
Common heat sources include energy from waste or biomass power stations. Modern networks are hoping to extract waste heat from sewers, datacentres and underground rail networks. 


Hydrogen takes energy from natural gas or from electricity. It is not cheap to produce low carbon hydrogen or to transport hydrogen. 
Retrofit Tens of Millions of buildings in the UK alone do not perform well in terms of retaining heat or indoor air quality. All these buildings need a significant amount of upgrading to make them fit for today and the future. 

Electric Transportation 

The decarbonisation of transportation has two key infrastructure challenges. 
The first is to enable people to climb the transportation hierarchy - from private vehicles to car clubs to public transport, cycling and walking. The second is to electrify modes of transport. 

Heat Pumps 

Heat Pumps take heat from the external environment, pump it up to a higher temperature and transport it into a building. 

Carbon capture, usage and storage 

Carbon and CO2 have their uses and values. Where emissions cannot be prevented - they may be captured and transformed and transported for other purposes. 

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